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The beach bum from Nebraska. Lady Gaga sings about moi in You and I (I wish.). Another big city big stage dreamer born in a small town. Until I was apart of my high school's production of Beauty and the Beast, I thought I'd be playing baseball professionally. But after playing a  kitchen utensil in Be Our Guest, I decided I want to perform and make art and tell powerful stories.  


Currently serving tables in the West Village. Also just finished a quite unique opportunity gogo dancing for The Rose Room Cabaret & Circus this summer. Living my best like in Bushwick with my fiancé David and two feline babies, Nutmeg & Hazelnut. 


Hope to find representation in my near future. Going back and between the decision to join or not join Actor's Equity. Not saying no to any new opportunities that come my way. Letting my heart and gut lead me through.

  • "Brady Vigness, making his NYC debut by way of Nebraska, Ohio, and Nantucket, acts as the emcee as Jacques. Forgetting his accent for a brief moment, we get a fun Poughkeepsie reference. Jacques’ performance is superb and alongside Randy and Gabe keep things moving." (Beau Cooper Queer Voices)

-in reference to Camp Morning Wood!


  • Brady Vigness displays his versatility as Coach and Garvin." (Jim Sulzer The Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket, MA)

- in reference to Footloose

  • "Brady Vigness delivers emotional punch as athletic son Biff..." (Kandra Hahn Lincoln Journal Star)

-in reference to Death of a Salesman

  • "Brady Vigness as Ram Sweeney and Justin Minchow as Kurt Kelly displayed acute comedy chops in their roles as big men on the fictional Westerberg High School campus that forms the backdrop for the action in the piece..." (Kandra Hahn Lincoln Journal Star)

- in reference to Heathers


  • "Wesleyan’s production is nicely leavened with smart performances by Brady Vigness as Richard Lionheart, the royal couple’s oldest son, and Eric Butler as John, the youngest..." (Kandra Hahn Lincoln Journal Star)

- in reference to Lion in Winter


  • "The role of the two princes is vital to the musical. Brady Vigness as Cinderella’s Prince and Justin Minchow as Rapunzel’s Prince had perfect chemistry and their performance of the crowd favorite 'Agony' was hilarious and musically superb..." (Stephan Labot Lincoln Journal Star)

 - in reference to Into the Woods

  • "Amanda Stamm (Viola), Sarah Mikota (Olivia) and Brady Vigness (Orsino) are more than pleasing in voice and performance." (Larry Kubert Lincoln Journal Star)

- in reference to Illyria

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